Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

new york i love you

little snap shot from my brithday party two weeks ago - strawberry magaritas and cosmos

hey there, it is now one week ago that i postet something for you. but today i am a bit stressed, so it is just a small post for you. this picture was taken at a cocktail bar called mississippi. i was there with my friends celebrating my birthday as you already know. these are my two favorite cocktails: a cosmopolitan and a strawberry magarita. sooo delicious!! can't wait to spend another night out there.

july is now nearly over, but the sun is nowhere to be found. instead of having a wonderful summer, it is raining outside. how depressing! on some days i am really sorry for my decision to stay at home this summer, working and gaining enough money for a great trip to new york in november. yes, i have plans ;) i wanna go to ny with a couple of friends, but just for about three days or so. three days full of shopping, sightseeing and enjoying the american way of living.

have you ever been to ny? or the us at all?

and have you any hotspots for me to visit? i am searching for a great but affordable hotel, nice restaurants, nightclubs, vintage stores, little cafés and so much more. so please write down your favorite spots. thank you!!

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