Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

summer of '11

dress - zara // necklace - vintage // lip gloss - glossy lip finish by artdeco // nail polish - 607 by p2

have you ever wondered why summer makes us that happy? maybe it is just because of the hot temperatures and long holidays but i think that there is more. just remember the wonderful colors of the flowers everywhere around you. the scent of summer rains and meadows full of poppies or roses. the short moments in the early morning when everthing is dark and quiet, but then the birds begin to sing their beautiful songs. the feeling of gras under your bare feet while picknicking in the sun. all these moments are unique and invaluable. so collect all of these short glimpses of happiness. they are worth it!
xoxo isabell ♥


minnja hat gesagt…

tolle bilder, toller blog :)


lust aufs gegenseitige verfolgen?

Stephanie hat gesagt…

Thanks for visiting my blog! I know I love summer because of the long days and short nights, and not to mention all the outdoor festivities.


Mela hat gesagt…

Hey, ich verfolge jetzt deinen tollen blog!! Hoffe, dass du mich zurückverfolgst...:)
Mela xx