Samstag, 13. August 2011

i'm in love with düsseldorf

today, i was in düsseldorf. first, we walked along the 'königsallee'. this is düsseldorf's famous shopping street with a dozen of really great designer shops.

this picture shows the new prada collection. i really love the colours (:

this is one of the most cutest shops i've ever seen. it sells everything from little jewellery boxes to picknick baskets.

and this is such an awesome little café, where you can also buy all sorts of chocolate.

after eating something in the 'düsseldorfer altstadt' we went to the 'rheinpromenade' for some drinks.

this is a big field of stones. in nearly every stone is a name written of a person that died because of aids.

and this is a great cherry and poppy seed chocolate and the caramel cream with salty butter, i bought at the cute chocolate shop you can see above.

all in all, it was a really great day, in one of my favorite cities in germany. düsseldorf is always worth a visit and even if it was a little bit rainy and grey outside, it was a nice trip!!


Babe Jane hat gesagt…

Ja, Düsseldorf ist eine tolle Stadt! Besonders an der Promenade am Rhein ist es immer wunderschön!

Emma hat gesagt…

Jaa wars auch!! Und danke :D