Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

new in

I went shopping this tuesday. perhaps you know the centro in oberhausen, it is a big mall next to my small town. so it is perfect for me ;) here you can see my beauty essentials for fall and late summer. yes, as you already guess: i am in fact addicted to nail polishes. i have about 50 different colours and these five hotties are my new ones. on monday, something really bad happened to me: my beauty case fell down to the floor and all my favorite eye shadows broke into thousands of tiny pieces. it was some kind of disaster for me, because there were only two shadows completly broken and of course, exactly these two, i normally use. so i had to buy some new and i decided to buy the express yourself - beige ballerina by manhattan. i am totally in love with these four colours, they are perfect! this cute bracelet is from h&m, i really like bracelets of all kinds because they are like my second passion next to nail polishes ;) and these two beauty brushes are for my rouge and my nude smokey eyes. tomorrow i will show you my new leather shorts and my loop scarf, promised!

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