Freitag, 9. September 2011

blue valentine or how damn sexy is ryan gosling??

this tuesday was our girls-night-out-for-cinema-night and i was so happy to see 'blue valentine' played in our theatres. i have to say: i love, love, love ryan gosling and so it was the perfect movie for me although the future-ryan isn't as sexy as the current ryan ;) i hope he will make a better developement concerning his outward appearance.

the movie was really fantastic. the content was high-level-emotion. the actors were phenomenal. the soundtrack was really great and easy-listening-stuff and i'm once again in love with indie-movies ;) but just watch the trailer and tell me what you think. do you like the movie? have you already seen it?

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Kimmy hat gesagt…

Hm dann scheint es so, als würde ich was verpassen, wenn ich den Film nicht anschaue :D ;)