Montag, 5. September 2011

monday favorites: school bags

clockwise from top left:
(1) double buckle shopper (zara)
(2) sold out 
(3) shopper-handtasche (mango)
(4) shopper-tasche im lederlook (mango)
(5) shopper-handtasche (mango)
(6) shopper-handtasche (mango)
(7) as seen above

hey all (:
i've decided to create a new categorie of postings for each monday: monday favorites. every monday, i will post about my current obsessions, the things on my wish-list and so on. this first post is about, yeah i guess you already know it, it is about handbags. but not just some ordinary bags for my shopping-trips. i'm looking for a new bag for my university-stuff. my old one is nearly shredded to pieces and the leather begins to look very used. so, it is time to buy a new one. even if i'm still in love with my old dark brown one. but these seven hotties are really good options, don't you think? my personal faves are (1), (6) and (7). which one of these do you like the most? just tell me what you think (:

greets to everyone who is in the same situation as i am: totally stuck between the end of schooltime and the beginning of university. and of course greetings to everyone else who's following my blog!!


Ina hat gesagt…

die mangotaschen sind echt toll!!!

PHILO hat gesagt…

oh - I would prefer the zara shopper! it's so stylish!

xoxo ♕♕♕

Celina hat gesagt…

Schöne Taschen !!! :)
Die erste gefällt mir irgendwie am meisten :)