Sonntag, 25. September 2011

my top 5: pants

i love leather leggings and i also own a pair but these leather trousers are even better, because they are ways warmer for cold fall and winter days (:

i really like the slim fit of these pants. they make your legs look even longer as they already are.

isn't this colour awesome?? i love it!! and the zips above the angles are really great for trying them on in just a sec without any stumbling or even worse: crashing to the ground ;)

i was looking for some golden nail polish but when i found these trousers i totally forgot about the nail polish because now i had something even better: golden trouser ;)

i love all kinds of comfy pants and so this pair is absolutely perfect for chill out days and hanging around college!!

all pants are from zara as you may have seen while clicking on the links above the pictures (:

so: which one dou you like the most? i totally fell in love with the golden pants and the yellow waxed ones!!


Mia's Little Corner hat gesagt…

Oh die sehen alle toll aus! Besonders gut gefallen mir die dunkelroten!!:D


Mia's Little Corner

Teresa hat gesagt…

Love all your choices! The wax coating really gives the pants a whole new look.