Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

birthday time

last sunday was my 20th birthday. on saturday i went out with some of my best friends sipping cocktails in a fancy cocktail bar to celebrate my birthday at noon. and the next day was full of decorating the house and preparing the cakes for a nice afternoon with tea, coffee, cake and of course my family. it a was such a lovely day with all my beloved people and i got some really nice presents such as lots of beauty stuff or something to read. on the second picture, you can see one of my cakes. it is a very delicious combination of raspberries and blueberries and i totally fell in love with it. the other cake was with a light raspberry cream in the middle of it and because i really really love raspberries, it was also very delicious (:

the last picture shows one of my cats, in this case lilly our little lazy one that loves to sleep and eat all day. she totally ignored the bow around her neck because it would have been too exhausting to care about it ;)

maybe i will show you some other picture about my cocktail night and some of my presents later that day or even during the following days.

have a nice day,

xoxo isabell ♥

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