Freitag, 15. Juli 2011

go blonder... or not??

almost three weeks ago i have bought john frieda's 'go blonder' shampoo and conditioner and i promised to write something about this little experiment. so, as you can see on the left picture, my lengths are really blonde (and i am truly sorry for the mistake in the description :D shame on me). but they were already blonde when i started using these products because of my highlights. one can say that the two different shades of blonde i normally use to dye my hair are nearly the same now. both shades seem to be maybe a hint blonder than before but that could also be my imagination because i am desperately searching for something blonder on my head ;)
the right picture in this little collage shows my hairline. and as you can see it is still a really dark blonde. it is not a bit blonder than before! maybe the 'go blonder' spray that is only for the hairline would have made a better result but i doubt it.
in my opinion, these products do not make your hair blonder. maybe old highlights can be 'renewed' by this but maybe it is also because of the sunny weather we had the last couple of weeks. so, i will not buy any of these products again. they smell really well and they make your hair look healthy and shiny but seven or so euros for one shampoo is too much in my opinion. they are good for stressed and dyed hair for an intensive care package but i am pretty sure that there is another product that is cheaper and has the same effect.
maybe i will try the syoss products and the d&m's balea products as well to look if they have a comparable effect and if one of these products will truly make my hair go blonder i will surely blog about it ;)

xoxo isabell ♥

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