Sonntag, 21. August 2011

it's time for a bbq

what do you do when it is one rare day full of sunshine and wonderful weather? yeah right, you go outside and do a bbq! and that's exactly what i did yesterday with my family. here are some photos of it (:

you take a barbecue, some meat and veggies...

then you add a colourful salad...

and some baguette with garlic butter.

for your refreshment we just add a little bit of arizona ice tea...

and the buffet was officially open!

and it seems to me as if i wasn't the only one who enjoyed her day ;)

have a lovely sunday my beloved readers!!

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Vicky hat gesagt…

Ich liebe grillen... Habe soeben auch gegrillt... da schmeckt das Fleisch gleich ganz anders... :)

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