Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

new in: see-through blouse

just see what i've got last time when i went shopping. this see-through blouse is from vila and it was on sale, that's why i chose this one and not another one. i always wanted such a shirt for i really love wearing a transparent shirt over a black bustier or bra paired with black leggings or my tube skirt. and now i officially found one and i'm very fond of it ;) here you can see how i wore it last week: i paired it with my new vero moda leggings and a black bustier bra from h&m and of course my nude platform heels by zara that i bought for my prom this spring. the bag is from mango and i'm wearing a red manhattan lipstick. and maybe you recognized my hair being a bit darker than before. so you are right. i wanted my hair to be a darker blond for i normally get really pale in winter ;)

see you next time ♥


Anonym hat gesagt…

die ist wirklich schön.. und steht dir super :)

Mia's Little Corner hat gesagt…

Wow, eine wunderschöne Bluse!! Gefällt mir wahnsinnig gut!!:D

Schau doch mal vorbei:D


Mia's Little Corner