Freitag, 2. September 2011

party nights and chillout days

this is my today's outfit. i'm wearing a h&m shirt, scarf, shoes, bag and accessories combined with a zara chino and primark sunglasses.
in the last couple of months during my chillout time between school and university i really fell in love with everything comfy and casual. i normally wear some chilly sport pants with a simple shirt and my leather jacket. i know, that doesn't really sound cool or fashionable, but as i'm either working at the gym, working out, doing some dvd-girls-nights or reading some books during weekdays it's the best way to dress yourself.
of course, when it comes to a party or a shopping trip, i normally don't wear sweatpants with a tanktop so, don't be afraid of me losing any sense of fashion ;)

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The Sugarplum Fairy hat gesagt…

Die Hose ist super schön!!