Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

party time

i am kinda in party-mood. can't wait for the weekend to begin!! and i've already made some really good plans: tomorrow i will go to a little club in my hometown. okay, you can't really name it a club, it is more a mixture of a little bar and a club. but, the good thing about such a small place is that you somehow know every single person in it. maybe it is not that exciting for people who love to meet new people, but for me it is a good chance to meet up with nearly forgotten friends you barely see on weekdays.

that's it about friday night. on saturday i plan exactly the same but with one exception: i'll go to another really small, wrecked place in my hometown, but it's really similar to the friday's club.

these pictures are some memories of parties or cocktail-nights with my friends. the quality is kinda mess because i hate using the flashlight but i somehow like the way it looks as if you were totally drunk.

hope you enjoy your free days ;)
i definitely will!

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